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As an entrepreneur, I founded SWATS Entreprises in 1996 to add value to Atlanta's social and cultural environments. SWATS Enterprises birth First Fridays (Atlanta and DeKalb) and Urban Film Review (UFR).  

First Fridays Atlanta and First Fridays DeKalb offered vibrant and entertaining experiences for Atlanta Metro professionals to network and socialize. Urban Film Review (UFR) was birth from my love for films, particularly documentaries.


UFR hosted film screenings in both Atlanta and Washington, DC, offering independent filmmakers opportunities to showcase their crafts and share their stories. In 2011, UFR hosted the first Black History Festival Film, which is still today a well-attended annual film festival that happens in Atlanta and DC.

In addition to creating experiences, I am a filmmaker. I produced the documentary, We the People from Crispus Attucks to Barack Obama, which chronicles black history from the death of Crispus Attucks, at the Boston Massacre, to the election of the country's first black president  Barack Obama. I have served as an Executive Producer to the movie, Big Ain't Bad and music supervisor to the movie, Trois. Presently, I am in production on Pantheon, The History of Black Superheroes. For more information, visit:

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